We have talked to many realtors while in search of properties. Some are there to sell a single piece, and some are trying to help you and doing their best with the knowledge they have, but John has been by far the best we know of. He loves his job, he loves to help others and he knows what he is talking about. We are grateful that we met John and will recommend him to anyone who needs realtor services.

So far he has helped us to buy 2 properties. One for investment purposes and another one for ourselves. He has been there to support us with his knowledge about the market and strategies for how to make offers. He is cooperative and helpful even if we don’t follow his advice to the letter. As an investor and home owner himself, he knows what is important for both worlds and is always open to learning.

He has also helped us to sell one of our properties and if we should ever sell another, he will be the guy to help us. There is much more that goes into the selling process than one could imagine. Making sure the asking price is right – high enough to show that it is a good property and low enough to attract offers. It is important to keep the timelines for showings appropriate and ensure that the right offer is accepted (not necessarily the first one). Taking pictures, advertising and many other things we have no clue about. He is not wasting our time with promises that can’t be followed up and makes sure the property will sell for the best possible price. In short – we would never have sold the property for the price we did on our own.

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